Our Services

What do Handy Fixers do?

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or commercial operation, Handy Fixers will be able to help. We will undertake most aspects of your DIY requirements, property maintenance or problems you have around your home, office or venue.

Handy Fixers offer a wide range of DIY style, maintenance and repair services. We will: 

Put it up  Take it down  Replace it  Repair it  Secure it 
Unblock it  Drill it  Fill it  Repaint it  Fix it  Hang it  Screw it

Remember the Handy Fixers motto:
We might not have built it for you, but we will certainly fix it.” 

So, if you don’t know who to ask to get something done, even the most trivial of things, please call us on 07955 424312 or email simon@handyfixers.co.uk

The list below is a very small example of the work we have done in the past – we hope that you will have a job that we can add to it! 

  • Assembling flat pack furniture as well as garden planters, benches, tables etc.
  • Putting up shelves, TV brackets and other wall fixtures such as curtain rails, tieback hooks and coat hooks
  • Shower curtain fitting and replacing
  • Door chain, deadbolt and peephole fitting
  • Lock replacement and catch adjustments
  • Sticking and loose drawers
  • Cabinet door realignment
  • Picture and clock hanging
  • Replace light fittings, switches and plug sockets and fuses, bulbs and lampshades
  • Running of wires and cables, such as speaker wire, ethernet cable, doorbell wire, aerial and satellite cable extension/ relocation
  • Repairing basic plumbing issues, such as dripping taps, blocked sinks, replacing shower hoses and heads
  • Replacing car bulbs, fuses, wiper blades, screen wash, air filters and other routine car maintenance
  • Dash Camera and Sat Nav hardwiring/ hidden wiring and installation
  • TV tuning, DVD and hi-fi setup and installation