Our Work

Handy Fixers will take on just about any problem you have around your home or office. We thought we would share a few of our most unusual requests – and we really do mean will take on anything you are having problems with!

Parking problem

A customer contacted us with an unusual problem. The off road parking at the back of their property was very tight, and right where they parked their car were the remains of a metal rod protruding about two inches out of the ground. This meant that manoeuvring around the narrow lane was extremely difficult and hazardous as it had the potential to burst a tyre.

Handy Fixers stepped in and removed the offending piece of metal, much to the gratitude of all those that used this little lane.

Where’s the light switch?

For reasons that no one could understand the bedroom light switch in a newly refurbished rental flat was behind the bedroom door; this meant to turn on the light you had to close the door – not an ideal situation when you are on your way to bed. Further more, it was the only light switch in the room, and on the other side of the room to the bed.

The new tenants contacted us, via their landlord, for some help and advice and a solution was soon put in place. As it was not their property we could not physically move or replace any of the original fittings. We were able to retrofit a complete double switched system meaning that light switches were both easily accessible by the door and also by the bed. What’s more, this was completely surface mounted so there was no damage to the walls and nothing for the tenants to worry about when they decide to leave the property.

Balcony watering

An elderly customer, who is a keen gardener, got in touch as they were struggling to water the pots on a small balcony that overlooked their garden. There was an outside tap and hose on the side of the property but there was no way to get the hose up to the balcony.

Handy Fixers provided a very lightweight hose and reel system that was fitted near the balcony door. All the customer needs to do now is to connect the main hose to a fitting below the balcony and turn on the tap. They now have a small hose on their balcony to make sure their pots grow high! No need to try and carry heavy watering cans again.